Mouncif Kadiri

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Successful pregnancy outcome is an uncommon occurrence in women requiring chronic dialysis treatment. We reviewed the course and outcome of 9 pregnancies occurred in women on chronic hemodialysis in our center from 1999-2007; 5 of them ended with delivery of alive newborns, 2 with fetal deaths in-utero, and 2 with abortions. The average age of patients was(More)
We study the marginal longitudinal nonparametric regression problem and some of its semiparametric extensions. We point out that, while several elaborate proposals for efficient estimation have been proposed, a relative simple and straightforward one, based on penalized splines, has not. After describing our approach, we then explain how Gibbs sampling and(More)
Recently, malicious software are gaining exponential growth due to the innumerable obfuscations of extended x86 IA-32 (OPcodes) that are being employed to evade from traditional detection methods. In this paper, we design a novel distinguisher to separate malware from benign that combines Multivariate Logistic Regression model using kernel HS in Penalized(More)
Wolfram syndrome is a rare neurodegenerative and genetic disorder, which should be suspected in patients with young onset non-immune insulin dependent diabetes mellitus and optic atrophy. Patients are most likely to develop diabetes insipidus, deafness, urinary tract, and neurological abnormalities. 60% of the people with Wolfram syndrome die at age 35,(More)
We report in this retrospective study the experience of our hemodialysis (HD) center in the incidence of intradialytic hypotension (IDH) over 18 months. We first studied the demographic, clinical, biological and morphological data of our 52 HD patients and compared the characteristics of patients with frequent IDH and those without. We found that factors(More)
The use of mycophenolate mofetil (MMF) is known to be associated with progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy (PML). We report a case of PML in a patient receiving MMF, who showed improvement upon discontinuation of the drug. He was restarted on MMF, following which he went into coma. He showed prompt recovery upon stopping the drug again and made full(More)
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