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BACKGROUND Cellular angiofibroma represents a newly described, site specific tumor. Histologically, CAF is a benign mesenchymal neoplasm characterized by two principal components: bland spindle cells and prominent small to medium-sized vessels with mural hyalinization. The indolent nature of the lesion is underscored by the uniformity of its constituent(More)
BACKGROUND Leiomyosarcoma of the rectum is a rare entity that comprises less than 0.1 % of all rectal malignancies. Given the uncommon nature of this tumor and the controversy about its treatment we report one case and review the literature in an attempt to report a particular evolution and to discuss the most appropriate treatment. CASE PRESENTATION This(More)
Neuroblastoma is a very uncommon neoplasm in adulthood. It occurs almost exclusively in children younger than ten years (More than 90% of cases). We report the case of a healthy 40-year-old male who complained of a right flank pain in 2010. Clinical examination revealed an enormous abdominal mass involving the adrenal gland as showed at abdominal CT scan.(More)
Intranodal palisaded myofibroblastoma is a rare lymph node benign tumor, of unknown pathogenesis. Although benign, this lesion is frequently confused with metastatic lesions, especially in atypical sites. We report a 39-year-old man with a history of testicular malignant mixed germ cell tumor, presented with abdominal painless mass. The computed tomography(More)
Kaposi sarcoma is a neoplastic vascular disorder. It usually present on the skin of the upper and lower extremities, rarely in the mucosa of the head and neck. The most common sites reported are within the oral cavity, particularly on the palate. Other mucosal sites are rare. We present an unusual case where the primary manifestation of the Kaposi’s sarcoma(More)
In this article, we report a case of two synchronous ileal adenomyomas leading to intussusception. This rare occurrence has never been reported in the literature. Our case is noteworthy, because the lesion is rare and should be considered in the differential diagnosis of intussusception in adults.
Peripheral primitive neuroectodermal tumors are extremely rare tumors in the spine; only 18 cases of extra-dural peripheral primitive neuroectodermal tumor cervical region have been reported. The aim of this report is to highlight the challenges in diagnosis and management of this condition. We present a case of 5-year-old Moroccan boy, who presented with(More)
La localisation ORL du synovialosarcome est rare représentant moins de 5% des tumeurs de la région. Sa prise en charge est multidisciplinaire reposant sur une chirurgie large et complète suivie d'une radiothérapie externe. Nous rapportons deux cas de synovialosarcome de l'oropharynx et du sinus maxillaire chez deux adultes jeunes traités par une chirurgie(More)