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Recording the sequence of events that lead to a failure of a web application can be an effective aid for debugging. Nevertheless, a recording of an event sequence may include many events that are not related to a failure, and this may render debugging more difficult. To address this problem, we have adapted Delta Debugging to function on recordings of web(More)
Software engineers often use record/replay tools to enable the automated testing of web applications. Tests created in this manner can then be used to regression test new versions of the web applications as they evolve. Web application tests recorded by record/replay tools, however, can be quite brittle, they can easily break as applications change. For(More)
Software engineers use record/replay tools to capture use case scenarios that can serve as regression tests for web applications. Such tests, however, can be brittle in the face of code changes. Thus, researchers have sought automated approaches for repairing broken record/replay tests. To date, such approaches have operated by directly analyzing(More)
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