Mouna Dammak

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Image classification is an important task in computer vision. In this paper, we propose a new image representation based on local feature vectors approximation by the wavelet networks. To extract an approximation of the feature vectors space, a Wavelet Network algorithm based on fast Wavelet is suggested. Then, the K-nearest neighbor (K-NN) classification(More)
An amylase and lipase producing bacterium (strain C2) was enriched and isolated from soil regularly contaminated with olive washing wastewater in Sfax, Tunisia. Cell was aerobic, mesophilic, Gram-negative, motile, non-sporulating bacterium, capable of growing optimally at pH 7 and 30°C and tolerated maximally 10% (W/V) NaCl. The predominant fatty acids were(More)
The increasing demand for microalgae lipids as an alternative to fish has encouraged researchers to explore oleaginous microalgae for food uses. In this context, optimization of growth and lipid production by the marine oleaginous V2-strain-microalgae is of great interest as it contains large amounts of mono-unsaturated (MUFAs) and poly-unsaturated fatty(More)
To generate the visual codebook, a step of quantization process is obligatory. Several works have proved the efficiency of sparse coding in feature quantization process of BoW based image representation. Furthermore, it is an important method which encodes the original signal in a sparse signal space. Yet, this method neglects the relationships among(More)