Mouhssine Rhazi

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The aim of this work was to test the hypotheses that the species composition of the vegetation of one pool in Morocco change continuously along with rainfall fluctuations, that among the vegetation can be recognized Pool species and Opportunistic species with distinct dynamics in time. We expected the Pool species to show lower inter-annual variation than(More)
Although Mediterranean temporary pools are of great value for conservation, they are in rapid decline under the impact of various forms of anthropogenic pressure. Their disappearance from the landscape may result in a weakening of the biological connections between pools due to increasing isolation and the impoverishment of their communities. In Western(More)
Bolboschoenus maritimus, a clonal species, is locally invasive in Mediterranean temporary pools where it threatens endangered rare plant species such as Isoetes setacea. The combination of management modifications (grazing) and of the progressive accumulation of fine sediments in the pools contributed to the establishment of competitive perennial plants(More)
Temporary pools are numerous in coastal plains of Atlantic Morocco and have a rich and diverse flora. These habitats are increasingly under pressure by man impact through grazing by domestic livestock and the development of annual crops in their catchments. The objectives of this work were to evaluate the species richness and the species composition of the(More)
A new heartbeat phenomenon (HB2), produced when a laser beam travels vertically upward through a shallow pool of absorbing liquid, is described. The HB2 is compared with a previously reported similar heartbeat (HB1) obtained when a laser beam travels horizontally near and under the free surface of an absorbing liquid. The main difference between both(More)
Physical soil disturbance and the hydrology of temporary pools affect the biomass, species composition and richness of plant communities. Disturbance liberates sites for the random recruitment of new individuals. The addition of seeds modifies the structure of the communities. In order to verify these hypotheses concerning the vegetation of temporary pools,(More)
The impact of grazing on the vegetation of Moroccan temporary pools has been studied at 2 scales: regional (inter-pools) and local (intra-pools). Half of the 16 forest pools studied is located in a reserve and ungrazed. The other half, located within public forest, is grazed. Vegetation relevés coupled to water-depths measurements were carried out in each(More)
2014 A constant temperature hot wire is located near and below a free surface. In certain conditions, oscillatory deformations of the free surface are observed. The onset temperatures and frequencies have been determined versus the distance between the wire and the surface for four different silicon oils. J. Physique 46 (1985) 1501-1506 SEPTEMBRE 1985,
Disturbances are key factors in the dynamics and species richness of plant communities. They create regeneration niches allowing the growth of new individuals in patches submitted to lower intensity of competition. In Mediterranean temporary pools, the intense summer drought constitutes for communities a large-scale disturbance whose intensity varies along(More)
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