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Although Mediterranean temporary pools are of great value for conservation, they are in rapid decline under the impact of various forms of anthropogenic pressure. Their disappearance from the landscape may result in a weakening of the biological connections between pools due to increasing isolation and the impoverishment of their communities. In Western(More)
The impact of grazing on the vegetation of Moroccan temporary pools has been studied at 2 scales: regional (inter-pools) and local (intra-pools). Half of the 16 forest pools studied is located in a reserve and ungrazed. The other half, located within public forest, is grazed. Vegetation relevés coupled to water-depths measurements were carried out in each(More)
A new heartbeat phenomenon (HB2), produced when a laser beam travels vertically upward through a shallow pool of absorbing liquid, is described. The HB2 is compared with a previously reported similar heartbeat (HB1) obtained when a laser beam travels horizontally near and under the free surface of an absorbing liquid. The main difference between both(More)
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