Mouhcine Fadil

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An enrichment and isolation program for new ethanol-producing thermotolerant yeasts as well as a screening program of some known thermotolerant strains resulted in the selection of several strains capable of growth at 40-43 degrees C. Among these strains four grew and fermented sugar cane molasses at 43 degrees C under batch conditions with sugar-conversion(More)
In Indonesia, newborn screening is not yet a policy, and the incidence of preventable causes of mental retardation detected by newborn screening is not known. Congenital hypothyroidism (CH) is not infrequent. Without a screening program, unrecognized CH patients were neglected for years. Since May 1999, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has(More)
In the frame of the MEGAPIE project we propose to measure the neutron flux inside the molten 1 MW Pb-Bi target at PSI (Switzerland). For this purpose a new type of microscopic fission chambers, developed for on-line measurements of the actinide incineration rates in the high neutron fluxes, will be placed in the central rod of the Pb-Bi target to determine(More)
Fadil, M., Farah, A., Haloui, T., Rachiq, S. Diagnosis of the aromatic and medicinal plant sector in Morocco: Case of the cooperatives and associations of the Meknès-Tafilalt area. Lazaroa 35: 155-165 (2014). The cooperatives and associations in the medicinal and aromatic plant (MAP) sector are completely dependent on the pressure of market demand, and(More)
BACKGROUND To investigate the effect of environmental factors such as light and shade on essential oil yield and morphological traits of Moroccan Myrtus communis, a chemometric study was conducted on 20 individuals growing under two contrasting light environments. RESULTS The study of individual's parameters by principal component analysis has shown that(More)
To increase the sensibility of Salmonella typhimurium strain, a mixture of Thymus vulgaris L. (T. vulgaris L.), Rosmarinus officinalis L. (R. officinalis L.) and Myrtus communis L. (M. communis L.) essential oils (EOs) was used in combined treatment by experimental design methodology (mixture design). The chemical composition of EOs was firstly identified(More)
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