Mouhammad Aouthmany

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BACKGROUND The time period between onset of depigmentation around the halo nevus (HN) to complete resolution of the nevus and halo has not been well studied. OBJECTIVE We sought to better understand the natural history of the HN. METHODS A retrospective chart review of patients with a clinical diagnosis of HN selected from a private practice database(More)
In a crossover study of seven term neonates who had neuroimaging studies, chloral hydrate (75 mg/kg administered orally) was more efficacious (p<0.05) but similar with regard to toxic effects than midazolam (0.2 mg/kg administered intravenously). Thus newer drugs are not necessarily better, and monitoring is essential even after a single oral sedative dose.
The syndrome of hemorrhagic shock and encephalopathy (HSE) was first described by Levin et al. in 1983 [1] but not until recently has it been considered to be a newly identified devastating disorder [2, 3]. The main features of this syndrome consist of sudden onset of shock, coma, convulsions, coagulopathy, renal and hepatic dysfunction. The mortality rate(More)
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