Moufida Maimour

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In this paper we present a clustering scheme to create a hierarchical control structure for multi-hop wireless networks. A cluster is defined as a subset of vertices, whose induced graph is connected. In addition, a cluster is required to obey certain constraints that are useful for management and scalability of the hierarchy. All these constraints cannot(More)
Wireless sensor networks hold a great potential in the deployment of several applications of a paramount importance in our daily life. Video sensors are able to improve a number of these applications where new approaches adapted to both wireless sensor networks and video transport specific characteristics are required. The aim of this work is to provide the(More)
Group communications (multicast) are foreseen to be one of the most critical yet challenging technologies to meet the exponentially growing demands for data distribution in a large variety of applications of the Internet (such as grid computing, web applications and distributed simulations). When reliability is required, there is no straightforward(More)
ZigBee is the emerging industrial standard for Ad hoc networks based on the IEEE 802.15.4 physical and MAC layers standard. It was originally specified for low data rate, low power consumption and low cost wireless personal area networks (WPANs). Due to these characteristics, ZigBee is expected to be used in wireless sensor networks (WSNs) for industrial(More)
This paper focuses on congestion control but while previous works considered scalar sensor nodes which only report events in the size of a few bytes, we are addressing congestion control for information-intensive flows such as video flows for surveillance applications in pervasive wirelessmultimedia sensor networks. The proposed framework that we describe(More)
Today’s computational grids are using the standard IP routing functionality, that has basically remained unchanged for 2 decades, considering the network as a pure communication infrastructure. With the grid’s distributed system point of view, one might consider to extend the commodity Internet’s basic functionalities. Higher value functionalities can thus(More)
Reliable multicast protocols have gained popularity with active services contribution where routers implement additional functionalities. Contributing mainly to feedback implosion problems, retransmission scoping and cache of data, these active protocols open new perspectives for achieving high throughput and low latencies on wide-area networks. In this(More)