Mouchira Mohammed Mohi-Eldin

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We investigated the immunomodulatory and parasiticidal effects of garlic extract on coccidiosis caused by Eimeria vermiformis infection in male ICR mice. One group received garlic extract daily until the end of the experiment by the oral route from 10 days prior to oral infection with 300 sporulated E. vermiformis oocysts (infected-garlic+). The other group(More)
Lead is a heavy toxic metal widely distributed in the environment. Lead exposure in Egypt remains a health challenge among children and among traffic controllers, and is manifested by anemia and poor performance. Recently, natural herbs are believed to protect the body against lead-induced hepato- and nephrotoxicity. Garlic extract, calcium carbonate, and(More)
Repeated heated oils (RHO) at high temperatures are resulting in thermal oxidation of the oils which eventually can promote formation of compounds with adverse nutritional implications and potential hazards to human health. The present study was designed to evaluate deleterious effect of RHO on albino rats and the effect of albumin supplementation on the(More)
This study was carried out to determine the therapeutic effect of Lupinus albus termis on pancreatic B-cells injury induced by alloxan in diabetic rats. Sixty adult albino rats were divided equally into three groups. Group (1) was orally received distilled water for 5 day followed with Lupinus albus termis (750 mg/kg of b.wt.) orally for 35 days. Group (2)(More)
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