Moubarak Mouiseddine

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To evaluate the potential therapeutic effect of the infusion of hMSCs for the correction of liver injuries, we performed total body radiation exposure of NOD/SCID mice. After irradiation, mir-27b level decreases in liver, increasing the directional migration of hMSCs by upregulating SDF1 α . A significant increase in plasmatic transaminases levels,(More)
Background: Targeted gene transfection remains a crucial issue to permit the real development of genetic therapy. As such, in vivo targeted transfection of specific subsets of hematopoietic stem cells might help to sustain hematopoietic recovery from bone marrow aplasia by providing local production of growth factors.
The present work was initiated in an effort to evaluate the potential therapeutic contribution of the infusion of MSC for the correction of liver injuries. We subjected NOD-SCID mice to a 10.5 Gy abdominal irradiation and we tested the biological and histological markers of liver injury in the absence and after infusion of expanded human MSC. Irradiation(More)
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