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Bar-Hillel and Budescu (1995) failed to find a desirability bias in probability estimation. The World Cup soccer tournament provided an opportunity to revisit the phenomenon in a context in which desirability biases are notoriously rampant. Participants estimated the probabilities of various teams' winning their upcoming games. They were promised money if(More)
When consumers carry multiple debts, how do they decide which debt to repay first? Normatively, consumers should repay the debt with the highest interest rate most quickly. However, because people tend to break complicated tasks into more manageable parts, and because losses are most distressing when segregated, the authors hypothesize that people will pay(More)
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder appearing during childhood. Multimodal strategies have been developed to treat this disorder, some of them including medication. To this day in France, prescriptions are mainly based on methylphenidate. Ever since this drug was marketed in France in 1995, it has been subject to(More)
Decision making often entails conflict. In many situations, the symptoms of such decisional conflict are conspicuous. This article explores an important and unexamined question: How does observing someone else experiencing decisional conflict impact our own preferences? The authors show that observing others’ emotional conflict and agony over an impending(More)
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