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A rejection of humanism in African moral tradition
In this article, I motivate for the view that the best account of the foundations of morality in the African tradition should be grounded on some relevant spiritual property - a view that I callExpand
African ethics and partiality
This article explores the question whether African ethics is best captured in terms of partiality or impartiality. I take one influential instance of a defence of impartiality in the AfricanExpand
A critique of Thad Metz’s African theory of moral status
Thad Metz defends what he considers to be a novel theory of moral status, i.e. an account about what beings are owed direct duties in virtue of their moral significance. Metz claims that his accountExpand
A report on ubuntu by Leonhard Praeg
Praeg, Leonhard. (2014). A report on ubuntu. Pietermaritzburg: University of Kwazulu-Natal Press, 320 pages; ISBN 9781869142568
A Report on Ubuntu, Leonhard Praeg : book review
Leonhard Praeg's book, A report on Ubuntu treats the question of "What is Ubuntu?" in a unique and illuminating fashion. The book begins with an approach that repositions Ubuntu by drawing a crucialExpand
Personhood and partialism in African philosophy
ABSTRACT This article ascertains what philosophical implications can be drawn from the moral idea of personhood dominant in African philosophy. The article aims to go beyond the oft-made submissionExpand
What Can Ubuntu Do? A Reflection on African Moral Theory in Light of Post-Colonial Challenges
ABSTRACT There are competing interpretations of ubuntu as a moral theory, and these various understandings of it entail diverging moral-political responses to real problems in the world. The MarikanaExpand