Motoyuki Ozeki

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An autopsy case with clinically and molecular genetically diagnosed Huntington's disease (HD) accompanied with minimal non-specific neuropathological features was reported. When the patient was 45 years old, he had faulty memory, mood swing, personality change and agitation. Neurological and psychiatric examinations revealed choreoathetoid movements in(More)
In this paper, we describe the enabling technologies to develop a smart meeting system based on a three layered generic model. From physical level to semantic level, it consists of meeting capturing, meeting recognition, and semantic processing. Based on the overview of underlying technologies and existing work, we propose a novel real-world smart meeting(More)
We propose a novel method for detecting hands and hand-held objects in desktop manipulation situations. In order to achieve robust tracking under few constraints, we use multiple image sensors, that is, a RGB camera, a stereo camera, and an IR camera. By using these sensors, our system realized robust tracking without the prior knowledge of an object even(More)
We propose a novel framework for automated video capturing and production for desktop manipulations. We focus on the system's ability to select relevant views by recognizing types of human behavior. Using this function, the obtained videos direct the audience's attention to the relevant portions of the video and enable more effective communication. We first(More)
Human interaction is one of the most important characteristics of group social dynamics in meetings. In this paper, we propose an approach for capture, recognition, and visualization of human interactions. Unlike physical interactions (e.g., turn-taking and addressing), the human interactions considered here are incorporated with semantics, i.e., user(More)
We propose a simple and robust method for detecting hands and hand-held objects involved in desktop manipulation and its use for indexing the videos. In order to achieve robust tracking with few constraints, we use multiple image sensors, that is, a RGB camera, a stereo camera, and an in-frared (IR) camera. By integrating these sensors, our system realized(More)
In this paper, we introduce an intelligent system for video recording. First, we categorized targets and purposes of shooting, and discuss the cameraworks appropriate for them. Then, we propose camera control algorithms to realize such cameraworks. Based on this idea, we built a prototype pan-tilt camera control system, in which multiple cameras with(More)
This paper presents a novel idea for a smart cooking support system. The system is controlled by an Interaction Reproducing Model (IRM) that adjusts the system output to reproduce ideal interactions between the system and the users, and appropriate advice is provided at the appropriate time. This mechanism is based on the idea that simulation of past(More)