Motoyuki Isoda

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The combination of Et2Zn and RhCl(PPh3)3 led to the facile generation of a rhodium-hydride complex (Rh-H) that catalyzed the 1,4-reduction of α,β-unsaturated esters. The resulting rhodium enolate performed as a Reformatsky-type reagent and reacted with various imines to give syn-β-lactams in good to excellent yields with high diastereoselectivity.
An asymmetric reductive aldol-type reaction of α,β-unsaturated esters with carbonyl compounds using Rh catalyst and Et2Zn was investigated. A chiral zinc complex from α,β-unsaturated ester was easily generated as the key intermediate from Et2Zn and Wilkinson's catalyst with diisopropyl L-(+)-tartrate to give a variety of enantioenriched β-hydroxy esters.(More)
An effective synthesis for syn-β-lactams was achieved using a Rh-catalyzed reductive Mannich-type reaction. A rhodium-hydride complex (Rh-H) derived from diethylzinc (Et2Zn) and a Rh catalyst was used for the 1,4-reduction of an α,β-unsaturated ester to give a Reformatsky-type reagent, which in turn, reacted with an imine to give the syn-β-lactam.(More)
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