Motoyuki Amemiya

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Fictive locomotion, rhythmic nerve discharges mimicking locomotor activities, of the forelimb was found to be evoked by stimulation of the mesencephalic locomotor region (MLR), as that of the hindlimb, in immobilized decerebrate cats with the lower thoracic cord transected. The effective area for fictive locomotion was highly localized in the dorsolateral(More)
The purpose of this study was to examine the age-related difference in oral sensory function by testing oral stereognostic ability (OSA) and to determine the effect of wearing complete dentures on OSA. Subjects were 20 dentate and 30 edentulous elderly patients free from oral symptoms and pathologies, and 30 younger dentate students as controls. The OSA(More)
Auditory brain stem responses (ABSR) were examined systematically both in normal and schizophrenic subjects. All ABSR wave forms were evoked by click stimuli, which were delivered binaurally through headphones both to normal subjects and to a nondeteriorated group of schizophrenics. However, in the group of schizophrenics with marked deterioration of(More)
The simple reaction times (RTs) in mentally retarded children and nonretarded children matched on mental age (MA) were analyzed, and the relationship between mental ability and RT performances was discussed. RTs in both groups were obtained under three temporal conditions. In Experiment I, it was found that: (a) The shorter intertrial interval (ITI), the(More)
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