Motoyoshi Yamamoto

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An early embryonic stem cell line, EES-6 cells, was established fiom 2-cell stage embryos of ddY mice. The cells were maintained in an undifferentiated state with D-MEM/FlZ medium supplemented with 10% fetal bovine semm (FEW (GM) and lng of leukemia inhibitory factor (LIF) without any feeder cells. In this study, EES cells were cultured with a medium(More)
We report on a patient with Amanita pantherina poisoning who showed a burst suppression pattern on electroencephalography during a comatose state. The patient recovered without sequelae a week after ingestion. Burst suppression pattern is defined as alternating bursts and periods of electrical silence, and it is associated with comatose states of various(More)
Conflict of Interest: James S. Powers has received grants from the Geriatric Education Centers (Health Resources and Services Administration) and honoraria for lectures and is a board member of the Health Spring Pharmacy Advisory Committee. Author Contributions: Dr. Powers designed the study, acquired subjects, interpreted the data, and prepared the(More)
Early embryonic stem (EES) cells, which were established from 2 cell stage embryos obtained from ddY mice, had similar characteristics as embryonic stem (ES) cells. These cells were maintained in an undifferentiated stage in growth media supplemented with leukemia inhibitory factor (LIF) and were capable of differentiating into triploblastic tissues under(More)
We report a case involving accidental ingestion of a marble that was detected by point-of-care ultrasonography of the abdomen with the patient in the upright and slightly forward tilting position, which we term the "bowing position." Using this position for abdominal ultrasonography may be more useful than the usual supine position for such patients.
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