Motoyasu Ikeda

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We have searched for millimetre-wave line emission from ethylene oxide (c-C2H4O) and its structural isomer acetaldehyde (CH3CHO) in 11 molecular clouds using SEST. Ethylene oxide and acetaldehyde were detected through multiple lines in the hot cores NGC 6334F, G327.3-0.6, G31.41+0.31, and G34.3+0.2. Acetaldehyde was also detected towards G10.47+0.03,(More)
The purposes of our studies are to examine whether or not fractal-feature distance deduced from virtual volume method can simulate observer performance indices and to investigate the physical meaning of pseudo fractal dimension and complexity. Contrast-detail (C-D) phantom radiographs were obtained at various mAs values (0.5 - 4.0 mAs) and 140 kVp with a(More)
We have analysed the statistical characteristics of streak artefacts on CT images using the statistics of extremes, and have devised a new method of evaluating streak artefacts on CT images. The CT images of four polymer tubes placed on the chest wall of a commercially available chest phantom were used as the target objects for our analysis. 40 parallel(More)
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