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The amino acid sequences of proteins determine their three-dimensional structures and functions. However, how sequence information is related to structures and functions is still enigmatic. In this study, we show that at least a part of the sequence information can be extracted by treating amino acid sequences of proteins as a collection of English words,(More)
One of the important secondary structures in proteins is the β-strand. However, due to its complexity, it is less characterized than helical structures. Using the 1641 representative three-dimensional protein structure data from the Protein Data Bank, we characterized β-strand structures based on strand length and amino acid composition, focusing on(More)
The importance of thorough analyses of the secondary structures in proteins as basic structural units cannot be overemphasized. Although recent computational methods have achieved reasonably high accuracy for predicting secondary structures from amino acid sequences, a simple and fundamental empirical approach to characterize the amino acid composition of(More)
Fibroin modulator-binding protein 1 (FMBP-1) is a silkworm transcription factor that has a unique DNA-binding domain called the one score and three amino acid peptide repeat (STPR). Here we used fluorescence correlation spectroscopy (FCS) to analyze the diffusion properties of an enhanced green fluorescent protein-tagged FMBP-1 protein (EGFP-FMBP-1)(More)
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