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An anti-human interleukin 5 receptor (hIL-5R) humanized immunoglobulin G1 (IgG1) and an anti-CD20 chimeric IgG1 produced by rat hybridoma YB2/0 cell lines showed more than 50-fold higher antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity (ADCC) using purified human peripheral blood mononuclear cells as effector than those produced by Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cell(More)
A new cleavage site, which is a post-translational modification, was found between residues His-154 and Ala-155 in alpha A-crystallin from the aged human lens. After trypsin digestion of alpha A-crystallin two peptides that include Asp-151 were obtained and have remarkable differences. That is, the stereo-configuration of the Asp-151 in the normal length(More)
Acid carboxypeptidase (peptidyl-L-amino-acid hydrolase, EC was purified to a homogeneous state from the water extracts of Koji cultures of Aspergillus niger var. macrosporus. The molecular weight of the enzyme was determined to e 136 000 by sedimentation equilibrium method. The denatured specimen of the enzyme exhibited a molecular weight of 60(More)
Fibroblast growth factor (FGF) 8, also known as androgen-induced growth factor, was originally isolated from an androgen-dependent mouse mammary Shionogi carcinoma SC-3 cell line, in which it was shown to have androgen-regulated properties. We previously demonstrated that Fgf 8 transcripts were detected in several human prostate and breast cancer cell lines(More)
The Rh blood group antigens are carried by two distinct but homologous membrane proteins encoded by two closely related genes, RCHE and RHD. Rh50 glyco-protein is the membrane protein tightly associated with Rh polypeptides and is critical for expression of Rh antigens. The amino acid sequence and predicted membrane topology of Rh50 glycoprotein are(More)
Unlike in the reaction of anhydrotrypsin and soybean trypsin inhibitor, human alpha1-antitrypsin was found not to form a complex with bovine anhydrotrypsin. This was shown using three different methods: electrophoresis, affinity chromatography on an anhydrotrypsin-coupled Sepharose column and equilibrium competitive binding assay. These results indicate the(More)
Subtilisin from a wide variety of Bacillus species has been extensively investigated as a promising target for protein engineering. In this study, we analyzed the substrate specificity of B. subtilis subtilisin E based on the structure of a new alkaline elastase produced by the alkalophilic Bacillus strain Ya-B, which has very high elastolytic activity.(More)
We examined the effects of oral L-hydroxyproline (Hyp) on collagen in the body. After 2 weeks' administration of Hyp (0.5 or 1 g/kg) to F344 male rats, the soluble collagen content of the skin had increased, and the serum concentration of collagen peptides was correlated with the skin content of soluble collagen. This result suggests that oral Hyp augmented(More)
The cyclic moiety of an endothelin antagonist peptide RES-701-1, composed of 10 amino acids with an amide bond between alpha-NH(2) of Gly1 and beta-COOH of Asp9, was coupled to some biologically active peptides aiming to improve their activities and stabilities against proteolytic degradation. Coupling of the cyclic peptide to the N-terminal of(More)