Motoo Tori

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Medium sized carbocycles are particularly difficult to synthesize. Ring closing metathesis reactions (RCM) have recently been applied to construct eight-membered carbocycles, but trisubstituted double bonds in the eight-membered rings are more difficult to produce using RCM reactions. In this review, model examples and our own results are cited and the(More)
The ethyl acetate soluble extract of the dried roots of Ferula penninervis gave 17 new sesquiterpenes [15 of the guaiane-type, ferupennins A-O (1-15), and two of the eudesmane-type, 1alpha-hydroxy-2-oxo-5alpha,7beta,11betaH-eudesm-3-en-6alpha,12-olide (16) and penninervin (17)] and nine known sesquiterpenes. The structures of the new compounds were(More)
[structure: see text] Two novel sesquiterpene and monoterpene dimers, macrophyllols A (1) and B (2), were isolated from the bark of Inula macrophylla. Their structures were determined on the basis of spectral evidence (especially HREIMS and 2D NMR) as well as chemical transformation. The structure of macrophyllol A (1) was confirmed by X-ray analysis. The(More)
Two samples of Cremanthodium stenactinium (Asteraceae) were collected in Sichuan Province, China. From the ethyl acetate extracts of the roots, three new eremophilane-type sesquiterpenoids and one new trinoreremophilane compound were isolated, together with other known eremophilanes. Their structures were determined based on the spectroscopic data. This is(More)
Eleven new sesquiterpenes (1--11) and two thymol derivatives (12, 13), along with 12 known sesquiterpenes and monoterpenes, were isolated from the bark of Inula macrophylla. Their structures were determined on the basis of spectral evidence (especially by HREIMS and 2D NMR) as well as chemical transformations. The structure of macrophyllic acid A (1) was(More)
The ethyl acetate-soluble fraction from a methanol extract of Ferula foetida has afforded six new sulfide derivatives, (E)-3-methylsulfinyl-2-propenyl sec-butyl disulfide (foetisulfide A) (1), (Z)-3-methylsulfinyloxy-2-propenyl sec-butyl disulfide (foetisulfide B) (2), (E)-3-methylsulfinyloxy-2-propenyl sec-butyl disulfide (foetisulfide C) (3),(More)
Two samples of Ligularia kanaitzensis collected in the Shizhongshan Mountain region of Yunnan Province, as well as one sample collected in Sichuan Province, were analyzed with regard to root constituents and neutral DNA sequences. The two Shizhongshan samples were found to be different from each other and from other samples analyzed previously, indicating(More)
Four new eremophilane-type sesquiterpenoid alcohols were isolated from Cremanthodium helianthus collected in China and their structures established on the basis of spectroscopic analyses. All of them had 9-en-8-one partial structures with one more double bond either delta11, delta11(13), or delta7(11). Two of them had a hydroxy group at C-1 position.
Sixteen new thymol derivatives have been isolated from Eupatorium fortunei and their structures determined based on spectroscopic data. They were classified into three groups (i-iii) depending on the oxidation levels: (i) one oxygen function at the 9-position, (ii) two oxygen functions at the 8- and 9-positions, and (iii) three oxygen functions at the 8-,(More)