Motoo Tori

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Medium sized carbocycles are particularly difficult to synthesize. Ring closing metathesis reactions (RCM) have recently been applied to construct eight-membered carbocycles, but trisubstituted double bonds in the eight-membered rings are more difficult to produce using RCM reactions. In this review, model examples and our own results are cited and the(More)
Two samples of Cremanthodium stenactinium (Asteraceae) were collected in Sichuan Province, China. From the ethyl acetate extracts of the roots, three new eremophilane-type sesquiterpenoids and one new trinoreremophilane compound were isolated, together with other known eremophilanes. Their structures were determined based on the spectroscopic data. This is(More)
Allylic alcohols were isomerized into ketones by the action of the Grubbs reagent. Some model alcohols were prepared and tested under similar conditions to reveal that less substituted alkenes rearrange more easily. More hindered alcohols are stable under these conditions, however, the simple allylic alcohols tend to isomerize producing ethyl ketone and the(More)
The title compounds have been synthesized starting from l-menthone by application of a ring-closing metathesis reaction to confirm their reported absolute and relative stereochemistry. Comparisons of the NMR spectra and specific rotations are also discussed.
The relative stabilities of several cis- and trans-hydrindanones were compared using both isomerization experiments and MM2 calculations. The generally believed rule that cis-hydrindanones are more stable than trans-isomers is applicable, but is not always true. This review introduces examples, mainly from studies in our laboratory, to explain these facts.
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