Motonori Ogura

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Experiments on animals has been playing very important part in psychology, medical science, genetics and brain science. Rodents are one of the most popular experimental subjects in these experiments. In psychology and brain science, behavior test and analysis on rodents, especially rats, has been performed to clarify mechanisms of mind or brain functions.(More)
we would like to clarify the basic factors necessary for a symbiosis between creatures and robots through the interaction experiments between rats and robots. In our previous studies, we developed a robot involving two levers and conditioned the rat to push these levers to obtain food by experimenter’s teaching. In this paper, we try to condition the(More)
Recently, bio-robotics which based on robotics and biology, and neuro-robotics which based on robotics and neuroscience have been attracting big attention. In both of them, many studies have been conducted referring to studies on animal behavior which have been performed by animal psychologists and biologists. An autonomous, robotic experimental setup was(More)
This paper presents the design and development of a bio-inspired legged rat robot, as an experimental tool for studying social interaction between rats and robots. The rat robot will be used as a platform to clarify basic factors for a relationship between rats and robots based on animal psychology and behavior. The developed rat robot has 4 legs with 3 DOF(More)
Depth from Defocus (DFD) is known as a technology which is able to estimate depth by a monocular camera, without any additive devices. However, it has to get two blurred images with different focused distance sequentially so that subjects or the camera itself can move in the short interval of consecutive shots. Conventional DFD is intolerant to such image(More)
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