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This paper describes real-time gait planning for pushing motion of humanoid robots. This method deals with an object whose mass is not known. In order that a humanoid robot pushes an unknown object in both single support phase and double support phase, real-time gait planning for pushing the unknown object is proposed. Real-time gait planning consists of(More)
Transmitter and receiver antennas monolithically integrated with CMOS LSIs are strongly demanded for reducing the cost of wireless equipment. As the first step toward realizing high-performance antennas on lossy Si substrates, we clarify the design methodology and basic characteristics of inverted-F antennas used for the 7-GHz band corresponding to(More)
  • M. Ikebe
  • 2006
A CMOS-image sensor capable of dynamic range compression is proposed. This sensor has two main features. First, it employs a negative-feedback technique to set photo-diode (PD) capacitance in the pixel circuit to any intermediate voltage during charge accumulation. Second, it incorporates a quasi-holding function by resetting the pixel-output voltage in PD(More)
The oscillation behavior of the superconducting transition temperature Tc as a function of the ferromagnetic Co layer thickness (dCo) has been examined for Nb/Co superconductor(S)/ferromagnetic(F) trilayer series (F/S/F) and pentalayer series (F/S/F/S/F). Tc of the pentalayer series takes a local maximum between dCo=2.0-3.2 nm, where Tc of the trilayer(More)
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