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The global monitoring of the greenhouse gases is necessary to handle the global warming issue and the monitoring from space is very useful for the global monitoring. In order to realize this and repeatable monitoring, the GOSAT program was started. The mission of the GOSAT is to observe CO2 and CH4 column density with relative accuracy of 1 % for CO2 and 2(More)
The Monitor of All Sky X-ray Image (MAXI) mission is the first astronomical payload to be installed on the Japanese Experiment Module-Exposed Facility (JEM-EF or Kibo-EF) on the International Space Station (ISS). It is scheduled for launch in the middle of 2009 to monitor all-sky X-ray objects on every ISS orbit. It will be more powerful than any previous(More)
The accretion-powered pulsar Her X-1 was observed with Suzaku twice in its main-on state, on 2005 October 5-6 and 2006 March 29-30, for a net exposure of 30.5 ks and 34.4 ks, respectively. In the 2005 and 2006 observations, the source was detected at an average 10-30 keV intensity of 290 mCrab and 230 mCrab, respectively. The intrinsic pulse period was(More)
This work reports the effects of water flow and dissolved oxygen (DO) on corrosion behavior of reduced activation ferritic/martensitic steel, F82H. The corrosion tests were performed in high temperature pressurized water by using a test apparatus for rotated disk sample. All of specimens showed weight gains after static corrosion tests up to 500 h. However,(More)
Semantic understanding of images remains an important research challenge in machine intelligence and statistical learning. It mainly includes two steps: feature extraction and classification. This study mainly focuses scene image recognition, where color information plays an important role. The conventional color representation of images mainly includes(More)
Quantitative analysis of three-dimensional morphology of martensite packets and blocks in iron-carbon-manganese steels Journal of alloys and compounds Lengthening kinetics of ferrite plates in high-strength low-carbonlow alloy steel Effect of second-step-aging on the fatigue properties of maraging steel
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