Motokazu Yamada

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Highly efficient light-emitting diodes (LEDs) emitting ultraviolet (UV), blue, green, amber and red light have been obtained through the use of InGaN active layers instead of GaN active layers. Red LEDs with an emission wavelength of 675 nm, whose emission energy was almost equal to the band-gap energy of InN, were fabricated. The dependence of the emission(More)
germanium nanowires grow at an inclined angle on a non-ger-manium (111) substrate due to crystallographic mismatch. We demonstrate the feasibility of controlled synthesis of individual vertical semiconducting germanium nanowires. These nano-wires can be directly integrated into fabricated devices [1,2] to produce nanoscale vertical transistors. Other(More)
The effect of guide field on magnetic reconnection is quantitatively studied by systematically varying an applied guide field in the Magnetic Reconnection Experiment (MRX). The quadrupole field, a signature of two-fluid reconnection at zero guide field, is altered by a finite guide field. It is shown that the reconnection rate is significantly reduced with(More)
The Hayabusa2 spacecraft has three framing cameras (ONC-T, ONC-W1, and ONC-W2) for optical navigation to asteroid 1999 JU 3. The ONC-T is a telescopic camera with seven band-pass filters in the visible and near-infrared range. These filters are placed on a wheel, which rotates to put a selected filter for different observations, enabling multiband imaging.(More)
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