Motoi Yoshioka

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A rating scale for assessing troublesome behavior associated with dementia illnesses was developed. This instrument, named the troublesome behavior scale (TBS), is designed to be completed by family and professional caregivers. It is comprised of 14 questions assessing a variety of types of disruptive or burdensome behavior. Two of the 14 questions differ(More)
To determine the annual incidence of fall-related injuries among community-dwelling elderly people with dementia and to identify the factors predicting those likely to sustain such injuries, we conducted a cohort study with a one-year follow-up. As predicting factors, we paid particular attention to behavioural problems and difficulties in helping with(More)
BACKGROUND The evidence base for the treatment of adolescents with bulimia nervosa (BN) is limited. AIMS To assess the feasibility, acceptability, and clinical outcomes of a web-based cognitive-behavioural (CBT) intervention for adolescents with bulimic symptomatology. METHOD 101 participants were recruited from eating disorders clinics or from beat, a(More)
We investigated that factors affecting the duration of in-patient treatment of patients with anorexia nervosa by comparing pretreatment clinical features with the length of hospitalization in 55 patients. Only patients who had completed the entire course of treatment were included in our analysis. Longer hospitalization was correlated with: poor social(More)
A rating scale measuring care status related to assistance with basic ADL for demented patients was developed. This instrument, named the ABCD, is designed to be completed by family and professional caregivers, and consists of two subscales assessing the level of difficulty of help with the ADL (difficulty scale) and the reasons why assistance is needed(More)
A sample of 115 low-income African American, Hispanic, and Caucasian women participated in 6 assertiveness role plays. A content analysis of their responses indicated that there are substantive differences in terms of what constitutes passive, assertive, and aggressive responses. The findings suggest that there are basic conceptual differences across the(More)
Delay of upward migration from the coast is considered to be a cause of stunted growth in ayu Plecoglossus altivelis altivelis in the Nagara River. To evaluate the effect of stocked seeds (hatchery reared, originating from Lake Biwa and amphidromous stock) on the growth of native ayu in the river, monthly changes in origin composition and standard lengths(More)
Spontaneous ejaculation, which is defined as the release of seminal fluids without apparent sexual stimulation, has been documented in boreoeutherian mammals. Here we report spontaneous ejaculation in a wild Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops aduncus), and present a video of this rare behavior. This is the first report of spontaneous ejaculation by(More)
The invited contributors to the immunization section of the round table made the following main points. Dr. Mizutani stressed that although both specific antibodies and cellular immune responses develop in the course of infections, the significance of the different responses varies widely according to the particular infection. He and colleagues had(More)
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