Motoi Omachi

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The concern of the intelligent transportation system rises and many driver support systems have been developed. In this paper, a fast method of detecting a traffic light in a scene image is proposed. By converting the color space from RGB to normalized RGB, some regions are selected as candidates of a traffic light. Then a method based on the Hough(More)
A source signal is estimated using an associative memory model (AMM) and used for separation matrix optimization in linear blind source separation (BSS) to yield high quality and less distorted speech. Linear-filtering-based BSS, such as independent vector analysis (IVA), has been shown to be effective in sound source separation while avoiding non-linear(More)
Template matching is one of the fundamental techniques for signal and image processing. It has many applications such as detection, recognition, registration, retrieval, etc. One of the drawbacks of the template matching is the high computational complexity. In this paper, we focus on the two-dimensional image template matching with fixed aspect ratio and(More)
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