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To compare tracheal intubation with the Pentax Airway Scope (AWS) and the Macintosh laryngoscope (McL) during chest compression, 25 anesthesiologists (including 12 specialists having >5 years of experience and 13 trainees having <2 years of experience) performed tracheal intubation using either the McL or the AWS, with or without chest compression, on a(More)
The 2005 American Heart Association guidelines for cardiopulmonary resuscitation emphasize that all rescuers should minimize interruption of chest compressions even for endotracheal intubation. We previously reported that the utility of the Pentax-AWS Airwayscope (AWS) was superior to that of the Macintosh laryngoscope (McL) for securing airways during(More)
In emergency situations, rescuers must occasionally secure the airway while the patient is in a restricted position rather than in the ideal supine position. We hypothesized that the Pentax-AWS Airway Scope (AWS) may be useful for emergent tracheal intubation in such positions. Thirteen non-anesthesia residents performed tracheal intubation on a simulated(More)
Hydroxyethyl starch (HES) solutions, widely used plasma substitutes, reportedly attenuate capillary leakage via physical plugging of capillary defects. We investigated how 2% HES solutions of different molecular weights (HES(70): 70 kDa, HES(130): 130 kDa, HES(200): 200 kDa, and HES(670): 670 kDa) affect dye release from polyacrylamide gels (PAGs) as a(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the independent relationship of the Shaw scalpel on the development of facial nerve injury in patients undergoing superficial parotidectomy. METHODS A retrospective review of 77 cases between 1991 and 1996. Forty-eight percent of the surgical procedures were performed using the Shaw scalpel, and 52% were performed using a cold knife.(More)
Recent resuscitation guidelines for cardiopulmonary resuscitation emphasize that rescuers should perform tracheal intubation with minimal interruption of chest compressions. We evaluated the use of video guidance to facilitate tracheal intubation with the Airtraq (ATQ) laryngoscope during chest compression. Eighteen novice physicians in our anesthesia(More)
BACKGROUND Submucosal resection is accompanied by significant post-operative pain and discomfort. The aim of this randomized, double-blinded clinical trial was to study the efficacy of a local block anaesthetic, delivered after induction of general anaesthesia, in reducing post-operative pain. METHODS Patients aged 16 years and over who were scheduled for(More)
A 56-year-old man with Marfan's syndrome was scheduled for a valve-sparing aortic root replacement operation because of annuloaortic ectasia and aortic regurgitation. He had severe dyspnea. When the operation started, SpO2 decreased at the time of the median sternotomy, and increased by manual inflation. After sternal closure, PIP increased from 20 cmH2O to(More)
We report a successful case of metal stent replacement utilizing venovenous extracorporeal life support (VV-ECLS). A 71-year-old woman, who had previously undergone tracheal metal stent placement, encountered dyspnea associated with inversion of the stent. Metal stent replacement was planned under general anesthesia. After securing the VV-ECLS in the right(More)