Motohiro Kawa

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A retroperitoneal enlarging mass was detected and resected in a 24-year-old nulliparous woman after fertility-preserving surgery and adjuvant chemotherapy for a malignant germ cell tumor (MGCT) of the right ovary. This enlarging mass contained only a mature teratoma component. Alpha-fetoprotein, which was elevated to 21236.6 ng/mL before the initial(More)
AIM Human T-lymphotropic virus type-I (HTLV-I) infection occurs via mothers' milk during feeding. However, freeze-thaw processing can eliminate the infectivity of the mother's milk of HTLV-I carriers. METHODS A long-term follow-up survey was conducted to investigate the HTLV-I infectivity of frozen-thawed mothers' milk among infants whose mothers were(More)
Infection of Human T-lymphotropic virus type-I (HTLV-I) was investigated by long-term follow up surveys of mother's milk-fed infants. HTLV-I infections of infants via seropositive mother's milk, that is, anti-HTLV-I antibody-positive infants, increased in number up to the age 2, but no infants became antibody-positive thereafter. Infants who had became(More)
Human T-lymphotropic virus Type-I (HTLV-I) infects children via mother's milk. Infection of Human T-lymphotropic virus Type-I (HTLV-I) was investigated by long-term follow-up surveys of modified milk-fed children. Our observations of modified milk-fed infants revealed that: 1 of 154 (0.6%) at year 1, 5 of 129 (3.9%) at 1.5 years, and 5 of 108 (4.6%) at year(More)
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