Motohiko Tokuhisa

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Peritoneal metastasis is the most frequent type of recurrence in patients with gastric cancer (GC) and is associated with poor prognosis. Peritoneal lavage cytology, used to evaluate the risk of peritoneal metastasis, has low sensitivity. Here, we assessed the diagnostic potential of exosomal miRNA profiles in peritoneal fluid for the prediction of(More)
BACKGROUND Endoscopic biliary stenting (EBS) is one of the most important palliative treatments for biliary tract cancer. However, reflux cholangitis arising from bacterial adherence to the inner wall of the stent must be avoided. We evaluated the use of EBS above the sphincter of Oddi to determine whether reflux cholangitis could be prevented in(More)
A 49-year-old Japanese man had multiple huge masses (max. size 60 mm diameter) in his liver. These tumors were pathologically diagnosed by tumor biopsy as epithelioid hemangioendotheliomas of the liver. In this case, multiple liver tumors existed in both lobes. Also this patient did not agree to receive surgical resection including liver transplantation.(More)
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