Motohide Yoshimura

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We propose a method for searching a database for similar images guided by the image submitted by users as a query. We make use of texture features of images for the retrieval. To extract texture features, we apply complex multiresolution analysis to a query and database images and generate multiresolution spectral histograms from the coefficients of each(More)
This paper addresses a practical method to detect cell forms of multicellular objects. The cell forms in a multicellular image have similar geometry to some extent but it is difficult to detect all cell forms by using constant discriminant analysis. We define cellular certainty as an area and a depth of the cell forms and utilize both watershed and active(More)
We propose an algorithm for automatic detection of protein crystallizations in photomicrographs involving many kinds of crystal growth, extragenous materials, and lighting effects, etc. Our method can improve the detection rate of plate crystals and simplify the tuning of discrimination parameters for screening objects in a photomicrograph. We define simple(More)
We introduce an image retrieval method for searching an image database by using a query image that has similarity in its global and/or regional image contents to the intended target. Our retrieval method makes use of 2-dimensional wavelet decomposition (2-D WD) of the query and database images. The coefficients of 2-D WD are used as the multi-resolution(More)
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