Motoharu Miyake

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Wireless networks have the feature that the data-rate in a wireless link varies with the signal quality. TCP congestion control cannot handle such data-rate variation in the wireless link and its performance deteriorates. In this paper, we propose a TCP flow control scheme that suits 3G mobile communication systems. The proposed flow control scheme can(More)
We are facing two major cause of performance degradation in TCP traffic over wireless network such as W-CDMA that utilizing link ARQ mechanisms; jitter and loss in streams of segments. For mitigating the degradations, we explored and achieved as follows; 1) Leveraging the link layer optimizations techniques and established standardization, we evaluated the(More)
The purpose of this research is to realize a service discovery protocol that offers denial-of-service (DoS) attack resistance such that even devices with poor CPU resources can be protected from, attacks by more powerful clients. We propose a brand-new method that extends the existing Puzzle Auction, a general-purpose anti-DoS method, by combining it with(More)
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