Motofumi T. Suzuki

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To support the creation of good virtual world presentation , we need to retrieve polygon objects from databases. In conventional database systems, retrieval of polygonal data was based on only the features of the polygon. Unfortunately, such retrieval techniques do not consider the user's subjective measures. This paper illustrates the creation of(More)
The use of 3D models is gaining wide popularity since they are very important for computer graphics applications. Recently, similarity search techniques for 3D models have been investigated intensively to retrieve 3D models from the Internet. The techniques extract shape descriptors from 3D models and use these descriptors for indices of databases. Since(More)
We have developed a web-based search engine for 3D polygonal models. These days, the number of web sites using Web 3D technology is increasing. The development of our search engine can be useful for people who are building 3D e-learning environments, because 3D polygonal models can be quickly retrieved based on similarity of shapes or on certain keywords.
—Recent advancements of 3D computer graphics hardware systems have made possible the handling of 3D volumetric data, and the amount of the available data has increased for various scientific fields. This paper proposes a pattern feature extraction method for 3D volumetric data. Pattern features are important for systems which require segmentation and(More)
Texture analysis is important in 2D image classification, recognition, segmentation and detection. Although a significant amount of work has been done on 2D image data analysis, techniques for analyzing 3D volume data such as 3D solid textures have not been investigated sufficiently. In this research, we have extended the well-known Laws' texture energy(More)