Motiur Rahman Molla

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BACKGROUND Histological grading is an important diagnostic tool to predict the clinical and biological behaviour of cancer. Cervical lymph node metastasis indicate poor prognosis of oral cancer. Considering economical status of a third world country, Anneroth's grading system is less expensive, more informative than TNM staging and Broder's grading system.(More)
A case of Pierre Robin Anomaly with severe, prolonged respiratory distress and feeding difficulties is presented. The respiratory distress is adequately relieved by mandibular forward traction. The procedure employing a mandibular suspension and elastic traction system is described. Feeding under the traction was successful, providing more effective(More)
Temporalis muscle transfer is a versatile technique frequently used for reconstructive procedures in the maxillofacial region. However the thickness of the pedicle may interfere with masticatory function when used anteriorly in the oral cavity. To repair full-length mid-palatal defects in fully dentate patients the flap can be passed through the maxillary(More)
INTRODUCTION Malignancies of the tongue represent one of the greatest management challenges for the maxillofacial surgeons as well as oncologists, because of the adverse effects of treatment on oral and pharyngeal function, the eventual quality of life, and the poor prognosis of advanced disease. Therefore, it is important to use judgment and experience in(More)
A case of bilateral facial microsomia associated with separations of the posterior portion of the maxilla is presented. The X-ray findings revealed hypoplasia of the condyles, absence of the coronoid processes of the mandible, and displacement of the pterygoid processes. Cephalometric analysis revealed a characteristic feature of the facial skeleton a(More)
Ameloblastoma is commonly encountered odontogenic tumour in Bangladesh. A clinical assessment of this tumour is presented in this paper with the particular attention to its age, and sex incidence, clinical presentation, and its management. Complete removal of the neoplasm is the treatment of choice regardless the method of accomplishment to obtain complete(More)
Temporomandibular joint ankylosis is a major disorder, mainly due to trauma and other reasons, which is responsible for the restriction of mandibular functional activities. The scope of the successful surgical correction of temporomandibular joint ankylosis with amniotic membrane is on the membrane’s being an interpositional material which we found not to(More)
In a search for dry socket five hundred and thirty six (536) impacted third molars were surgically removed among 435 patients. Each patient was examined clinically and radiographically before surgery. 108 impacted teeth were removed for prophylactic and 428 for therapeutic reasons. A standard operating procedure was performed for each case and pre-operative(More)