Motilal Bhoye

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In this paper, the Renewable Energy Resources (RES) are used in a specific small area which is known as microgrid. Microgrid consists of microsources, battery storage and loads. In this paper the research is focused on the islanded mode microgrid. In the microgrid, the energy management system having a problem of Economic Load Dispatch (ELD) and it is(More)
Microgrid is a novel small-scale system of the centralized electricity for a small-scale community such as villages and commercial area. Microgrid consists of micro-sources like distribution generator, solar and wind units. A microgrid is consummate specific purposes like reliability, cost reduction, emission reduction, efficiency improvement, use of(More)
In this work, the most common problem of the modern power system named optimal power flow (OPF) is optimized using the novel meta-heuristic optimization technique Multi-Verse Optimizer (MVO). The main inspirations of this algorithm are based on three concepts in cosmology: white hole, black hole, and wormhole. MVO has a fast convergence rate. In order to(More)
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