Moti Nissani

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A mathematical method for calculating the number of blastoderm cells whose descendants form the various imaginal discs is described. The method differs from available approaches in two respects: (1) It is based only upon the frequency of mosaicism of the adult derivatives of a given imaginal disc and ignores the relative surface area of the two genetically(More)
  • Moti Nissani
  • Wilhelm Roux's archives of developmental biology
  • 1977
Three-hundred and twenty fertile,pal-induced Y-chromosome mosaic males and females were obtained. Fractional analysis of the sons of 55 somatically mosaic flies that were also germinally mosaic tentatively suggests that the number of functional primordial germ cells inDrosophila melanogaster is variable and that it is seldom greater than 24. From the(More)
Drosophila melanogaster gynandromorphs were introduced into a mating chamber containing two wild type males. From the differential courtship responses of these males it could be concluded that the only important factor which enables a male to distinguish between conspecific males and females and to direct persistent courtship only toward females is tissue(More)
After proposing a common-sense definition of bruxism, this partial review distills its various symptoms and consequences from the literature. That literature suggests that the splint-the most popular treatment modality-falls short in some respects. The research literature is even less sanguine about the efficacy of such other traditional therapies as sound(More)