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We prove the following Theorem. Suppose M is a countable model of ZFC and k is an almost huge cardinal in M. Let A be a subset of k consisting of nonlimit ordinals. Then there is a model NA of ZF such that S0 is a regular cardinal in NA iff a e A for every a > 0. 0. Introduction. We consider the following question. What are the restrictions in ZF on the(More)
The paper is concerned with methods for blowing power of singular cardinals using short extenders. Thus, for example, starting with κ of cofinality ω with {α < κ | o(α) ≥ α+n} cofinal in κ for every n < ω we construct a cardinal preserving extension having the same bounded subsets of κ and satisfying 2κ = κ+δ+1 for any δ < א1.
A method of iteration of Prikry type forcing notions as well as a forcing for adding clubs is presented. It is applied to construct a model with a measurable cardinal containing a club of former regulars, starting with o(κ) = κ+ 1. On the other hand, it is shown that the strength of above is at least o(κ) = κ. Suppose that κ is an inaccessible cardinal. We(More)