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Placement of dental implants into fresh extraction sockets has several advantages compared to the original protocol. However, the soft-tissue handling is often complicated and the aesthetic results less rewarding. A method to use a homologous bone membrane as the sole sealer of the extraction socket after immediate implant placement is introduced and the(More)
BACKGROUND Given the well recognized imperative to treat hip fractures as expeditiously as possible there can arise uncertainty regarding the balance between pre-operative medical optimization and delay of surgery. Echocardiography is often felt to considerably delay surgery with limited change to patient management. METHODS We retrospectively reviewed(More)
BACKGROUND Previous studies have shown that there is great potential for improving the management of patients with epilepsy. AIM To identify all patients with epilepsy, to evaluate and audit their care in relation to an annual review, to document seizure frequency and appropriateness of daily therapy to aid compliance and to propose strategies to improve(More)
STUDY DESIGN A prospective study was undertaken over a 6-month period to determine the incidence of the inverted supinator reflex in asymptomatic, neurologically normal individuals. OBJECTIVE The objective of our study is to assess asymptomatic patients for the presence of the inverted radial reflex and to determine its clinical relevance. SUMMARY OF(More)
Saturday night palsy is a colloquial term given to brachial plexus injuries of the arm resulting from stretching or direct pressure against a firm object, often after alcohol or drug consumption. In most circumstances, this condition gives rise to a temporary plexopathy, which generally resolves. However, if the compression is severe and prolonged, a more(More)
Maxillary sinus pneumatization limits implant placement in the edentulous posterior maxilla. Grafted sinus floor augmentation through Schneiderian membrane elevation and space obliteration with autogenous bone grafts, bone substitutes, or a combination of the two has often been used to resolve this problem. More recently, non-grafted sinus floor elevation(More)
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