Mostapha Benhenda

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Let M be a smooth compact connected manifold, on which there exists an effective smooth circle action S t preserving a positive smooth volume. We show that on M, the smooth closure of the smooth volume-preserving conjugation class of some Liouville rotations S α of angle α contains a smooth volume-preserving diffeomorphism T that is metrically isomorphic to(More)
A celebrated theorem by Herman and Yoccoz asserts that if the rotation number α of a C∞-diffeomorphism of the circle f satisfies a Diophantine condition, then f is C∞-conjugated to a rotation. In this paper, we establish explicit relationships between the Ck norms of this conjugacy and the Diophantine condition on α. To obtain these estimates, we follow a(More)
In this article, we present a model of deliberation based on Rawls’s political liberalism. Our formalization gives a new perspective on his political theory. Moreover, we obtain quantitative results on political deliberation under Rawlsian rules. Finally, we elaborate two arguments in favor of Rawlsian deliberation: first, deliberation is epistemically(More)
Generating molecules with desired chemical properties is important for drug discovery. The use of generative neural networks is promising for this task. However, from visual inspection, it often appears that generated samples lack diversity. In this paper, we quantify internal chemical diversity, and we raise the following challenge: can a nontrivial AI(More)
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