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We study the convergence of multigrid schemes for the Helmholtz equation, focusing in particular on the choice of the coarse scale operators. Let Gc denote the number of points per wavelength at the coarse level. If the coarse scale solutions are to approximate the true solutions, then the oscillatory nature of the solutions implies the requirement Gc > 2.(More)
Black-Scholes equation is a well known partial differential equation in financial mathematics. In this article we discuss about some solution methods for the Black Scholes model with the European options (Call and Put) analytically as well as numerically. We study a weighted average method using different weights for numerical approximations. In fact, we(More)
Protein phosphorylation is one of the most prominent post-translational mechanisms for protein regulation, which is frequently impaired in cancer. Through the covalent addition of phosphate groups to certain amino-acids, the interactions of former residues with nearby amino-acids are drastically altered, resulting in major changes of protein conformation(More)
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