Mostafa Wahby

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The present investigation examines the changes in tyrosine kinase (Tyr-k) activity and tyrosine-specific phosphorylation of membrane protein(s) in isolated gastric mucosal cells from young (3 months) and aged (22 months) Fischer-344 rats after exposure to gastrin. In mucosal cells from young rats, a 15-min time course study revealed a steady rise of Tyr-k(More)
Besides the life-as-it-could-be driver of artificial life research there is also the concept of extending natural life by creating hybrids or mixed societies that are built from natural and artificial components. In this paper we motivate and present the research program of the project flora robotica. Our objective is to develop and to investigate closely(More)
Captan (1,2,3,6-tetrahydro-N-trichloromethylthiophthalmide), a widely used fungicide, has been shown to induce carcinoma in the gastrointestinal tract of rodents. However, little is known about the captan induction of early biochemical changes in the gastrointestinal tract. The present investigation examines the changes in gastric mucosal proliferative(More)
Hybrid societies are self-organizing, collective systems, which are composed of different components, for example, natural and artificial parts (bio-hybrid) or human beings interacting with and through technical systems (socio-technical). Many different disciplines investigate methods and systems closely related to the design of hybrid societies. A stronger(More)
Making the transition from simulation to reality in evolutionary robotics is known to be challenging. What is known as the reality gap, summarizes the set of problems that arises when robot controllers have been evolved in simulation and then are transferred to the real robot. In this paper we study an additional problem that is beyond the reality gap. In(More)
Self-organized construction with continuous, structured building material, as opposed to modular units, offers new challenges to the robot-based construction process and lends the opportunity for increased flexibility in constructed artifact properties, such as shape and deformation. As an example investigation, we look at continuous filaments organized(More)
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