Mostafa Rajabzadeh

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Avian leukosis viruses (ALVs) belong to Alpharetrovirus genus of the family Retroviridae that are widespread in nature. Different subgroups of ALV commonly infect egg-laying hens. They are responsible for economic losses due to both mortality and depressed performance in chickens. To investigate the presence of these viruses in chickens in Iran, 560 egg(More)
Cnemidocoptes gallinae is a member of the family Sarcoptidae. The body is globose; the striae are interrupted to form scales but there are no spines on the dorsal surface. Two longitudinal chitinized bars run from the bases of the pedipalps to the level of the legs, where they are united by a transverse bar (Soulsby 1982). The legs and pedicels are short(More)
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