Mostafa 'Neo' Mohsenvand

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Using millisecond-timescale voltage-sensitive dye imaging in lightly anesthetized or awake adult mice, we show that a palette of sensory-evoked and hemisphere-wide activity motifs are represented in spontaneous activity. These motifs can reflect multiple modes of sensory processing, including vision, audition and touch. We found similar cortical networks(More)
Wide-field optical imaging techniques constitute powerful tools to investigate mesoscale neuronal activity. The sampled data constitutes a sequence of image frames in which one can investigate the flow of brain activity starting and terminating at source and sink locations respectively. Approaches to the analyses of information flow include qualitative(More)
The spread of malicious or accidental misinformation in social media, especially in time-sensitive situations, such as real-world emergencies, can have harmful effects on individuals and society. In this work, we developed models for automated verification of rumors (unverified information) that propagate through Twitter. To predict the veracity of rumors,(More)
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