Mostafa Mohammadi

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In this paper an adaptive control scheme along with its simulation, and its implementation on a quadrotor are presented. Parametric and nonparametric uncertainties in the quadrotor model make it difficult to design a controller that works properly in various conditions during flight time. Decentralized adaptive controller, which is synthesized based on(More)
In the last years, wearable haptic technologies became very promising since they provide the users with tactile force feedback via small and wearable interfaces. However, they have no position sensing thus additional technologies like motion capture systems or expensive gloves are required. Recently, low cost hand tracking systems based on RGB-D cameras(More)
Fingertip contact forces are of utmost importance in evaluating the quality of the human grasp. However, measuring such forces during object manipulation is not a trivial task. In this paper, we propose a novel method to estimate the fingertip contact forces in grasping deformable objects with known shape and stiffness matrix. The proposed approach uses a(More)
In this paper a novel teleoperation framework for aerial robots that physically interact with the environment is presented. This framework allows to teleoperate the robot both in contact-free flight and in physical contact with the environment in order, e.g., to apply desired forces on objects of the environment. The framework is build upon an(More)
In this paper, we propose a bilateral tele-operation scheme for cooperative aerial manipulation in which a human operator drives a team of Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) aerial vehicles, that grasped an object beforehand, and receives a force feedback depending on the states of the system. For application scenarios in which dexterous manipulation by(More)
In this paper we lay the foundation of the first heterogeneous multi-robot system of the Multiple Aerial-Ground Manipulator System (MAGMaS) type. A MAGMaS consists of a ground manipulator and a team of aerial robots equipped with a simple gripper manipulator the same object. The idea is to benefit from the advantages of both kinds of platforms, i.e.,(More)
The historical city of Bisotun in western Iran is popular for its ancient heritage and cultural tourism. Bisotun is a protected area and registered in the list of world heritage Sites in 2006.This study examines the perceptions of the residents toward social and economic impacts of tourism development in the area. A questionnaire was designed for this(More)
The dynamics of UAV’s have special features that can complicate the process of designing a trajectory tracking controller. In this paper, after modelling the quadrotor as a VTOL UAV, a nonlinear adaptive controller is designed to solve trajectory tracking problem in the presence of parametric and nonparametric uncertainties. This controller doesn’t need(More)
This study investigated the novel associations between intrinsic and extrinsic aspirations and internal and external domains of contingent self-worth among a sample of 502 Iranian university students. We found a meaningful pattern showing that intrinsic aspirations were positively associated with internal domains, whereas extrinsic aspirations were(More)
The aim of the study was to validate indigenously designed novel state-of-the-art wearable sensor technology (WST), the JUMP modules, against a more conventional optical motion tracking system. 16 healthy young participants were requested to walk at three different walking speeds (slow, normal and fast). Bland-Altman analysis revealed high —(More)