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OBJECTIVE To establish the efficacy and safety of nonpenetrating deep sclerectomy versus trabeculectomy in primary open-angle glaucoma. DESIGN Prospective randomized trial. PARTICIPANTS Thirty-nine patients (78 eyes) with bilateral primary open angle glaucoma were included in the study. INTERVENTION Eyes were randomly assigned to receive deep(More)
OBJECTIVE PROSPECTIVE EVALUATION OF THE EFFICACY AND SAFETY OF THE EXTRACORPOREAL SHOCK WAVE LITHOTRIPSY (SWL) AND URETEROSCOPY WITH HOLMIUM: YAG laser lithotripsy (URSL) as a primary treatment for impacted stone in the proximal ureter. PATIENTS AND METHODS A total of 82 patients with a single impacted stone in the proximal ureter were included in the(More)
PURPOSE To assess the effect of stone location and burden on the outcome of extracorporeal shockwave lithotripsy (SWL) as a primary treatment of solitary renal stone. PATIENTS AND METHODS The study included 438 patients with a solitary renal stone who underwent SWL as a primary treatment for their stones. All were evaluated by plain radiography of the(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL) is considered the main management option for large single renal pelvic stones; however, laparoscopic retroperitoneal pyelolithotomy (LRP) can be used as an alternative management procedure. We compare both procedures in the management of solitary large renal pelvic stones. PATIENTS AND METHODS(More)
OBJECTIVE To establish the efficacy and safety of simultaneous subconjunctival and subscleral application of mitomycin-C in trabeculectomy. DESIGN A prospective, randomized study. PARTICIPANTS Sixty-eight patients (68 eyes) with refractory glaucomas were included in the study. INTERVENTION Eyes were randomly assigned to receive intraoperative(More)
PURPOSE To compare 1-site and 2-site combined phacoemulsification with foldable intraocular lens (IOL) implantation and trabeculectomy. SETTING El-Maghraby Eye Hospital, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. METHODS Seventy-six eyes with coexisting cataract and glaucoma were randomly assigned to have a mitomycin-C trabeculectomy in a superior quadrant combined with(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE To evaluate the efficacy and safety of phacoemulsification and foldable intraocular lens, combined with trabeculectomy (phacotrabeculectomy) in patients with coexisting cataract and glaucoma. PATIENTS AND METHODS A total of 53 consecutive eyes which underwent phacotrabeculectomy and posterior chamber intraocular lens (PCIOL) were(More)
This paper presents configuration of knowledge to solve irrigation scheduling problem in agriculture domain and a general approach for configuration management knowledge throughout the integration between operations research and expert systems approach. This work has established new configuration structure for an Irrigation Scheduling Configuration System(More)
OBJECTIVE To prospectively compare the outcome of standard mini-percutaneous nephrolithotomy (SmPCNL) versus tubeless mini-percutaneous nephrolithotomy (TmPCNL) as primary treatments of renal stones. PATIENTS AND METHODS In all, 80 patients with a solitary radio-opaque renal stone and candidates for PCNL were selected. The patients were randomly divided(More)
AIM To examine p27 (Kip 1) and MUC1 expression in specimens of papillary transitional cell carcinoma (PTCC) of the urinary bladder and to correlate their expression with the tumor grades,stages and outcome. PATIENTS AND METHODS Paraffin sections from previously diagnosed PTCC bladder were graded, staged and the patients were followed up for 5 years. Ten(More)