Mostafa Keikha

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Prior-art search is a critical step in the examination procedure of a patent application. This study explores automatic query generation from patent documents to facilitate the time-consuming and labor-intensive search for relevant patents. It is essential for this task to identify discriminative terms in different sections of a query patent, which enable(More)
This paper addresses blog feed retrieval where the goal is to retrieve the most relevant blog feeds for a given user query. Since the retrieval unit is a blog, as a collection of posts, performing relevance feedback techniques and selecting the most appropriate documents for query expansion becomes challenging. By assuming time as an effective parameter on(More)
Patent prior art queries are full patent applications which are much longer than standard web search topics. Such queries are composed of hundreds of terms and do not represent a focused information need. One way to make the queries more focused is to select a group of key terms as representatives. Existing works show that such a selection to reduce patent(More)
Retrieving topically-relevant text passages in documents has been studied many times, but finding non-factoid, multiple sentence answers to web queries is a different task that is becoming increasingly important for applications such as mobile search. As the first stage of developing retrieval models for "answer passages", we describe the process of(More)
Passage-based retrieval models have been studied for some time and have been shown to have some benefits for document ranking. Finding passages that are not only topically relevant, but are also answers to the users' questions would have a significant impact in applications such as mobile search. To develop models for answer passage retrieval, we need to(More)