Mostafa Ghobadi

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This paper presents a method for planning three-dimensional walking patterns for biped robots in order to obtain stable smooth dynamic motion and also maximum velocity during walking. To determine the rotational trajectory for each actuator, there are some particular key points gained from natural human walking whose value is defined at the beginning, end(More)
This paper proposes a method for human activity classification in home based monitoring. The proposed approach is based on minimum jerk (MinJerk), a primary model for smooth path planning employed by human motor control in upper-extremity motion. Based on new evidences that show common control strategies in lower and upper extremity, MinJerk is adapted in(More)
This paper proposes a classification technique for daily base activity recognition for human monitoring during physical therapy in home. The proposed method estimates the foot motion using single inertial measurement unit, then segments the motion into steps classify them by template-matching as walking, stairs up or stairs down steps. The results show a(More)
This paper wants to give a general description of Adro Middle Size League team for RoboCup 2007 competitions in Atlanta. The Adro Lab mainly studies the cooperative team behavior in dynamic and uncertain environments. We have tried to focus on areas such as omni directional mechanism, cooperative behavior, world modeling, fuzzy decisions and behavior(More)
Considering undesired slippage between manipulated object and finger tips of a multi-robot system, adaptive control synthesis of the object grasping and manipulation is addressed in this paper. Although many studies can be found in the literature dealing with grasp analysis and grasp synthesis, most assume no slippage between the finger tips and the object.(More)
Nano and micron-scale pore sensors have been widely used for biomolecular sensing application due to its sensitive, label-free and potentially cost-effective criteria. Electrophoretic and electroosmosis are major forces which play significant roles on the sensor's performance. In this work, we have developed a mathematical model based on experimental and(More)
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