Mostafa Ezziyyani

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The explosion of the number of web-based information sources has drastically increased the need for intelligent mediation tools to be implemented between the users and these information resources. These tools must overcome the limitations of the current search engines while making it possible for the users to submit more sophisticated queries than simple(More)
The goal of this research is to promote the establishment of an information system to provide to the Internet users the quality information on health and medicine related to the Patient Medial Documents (PMD). This information are extracted from several certified heterogeneous sources of the health localized dynamically. In addition, all the data of the(More)
Floods are among the most powerful forces on the planet. Therefore, the need for a system that predict and warn about the flood occurrence is required. The combination of several approaches into a single system was our concern to design and develop an intelligent system that meets the demands of our research. After many studies, we decided to work with(More)
Intrusion detection systems are often used to collect and analyze network traffic to help administrators prepare and deal with attacks. In behavioral approach, these detection systems work on the entire network to detect anomalies after establishing the network's normal profile involving all users. In this article we present a new method for intrusion(More)
In a heterogeneous dynamic environment, such as disasters, the continuous adaptation is a perfect solution to offer the adequate services to clients. This Concept is a key to process varying requirement of different users. This is why; we must model the user's context information and structure the services according to the user profile. In this paper, we(More)
Kohonen self-organization algorithm, known as “topologic maps algorithm”, has been largely used in many applications for classification. However, few theoretical studies have been proposed to improve and optimize the learning process of classification and clustering for dynamic and scalable systems taking into account the evolution of multi-parameter(More)