Mostafa Esmaeili

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Multi-domain traffic engineering is a very challenging problem area and crankback signaling offers a very promising solutions framework herein. Although some initial crankback studies have been done, there is still significant latitude for improving multi-domain crankback performance. Along these lines, this paper studies realistic IP/MPLS multi-domain(More)
In this paper with the use of fuzzy genetic algorithm combination with evolutionary algorithms, as a method for local searching, it has been tried to exploit high capabilities of genetic algorithm, as a search algorithm, beside to other evolutionary algorithms, as local search algorithms, in order to increase efficiency of a rule learning system. For this(More)
Applications in pervasive computing environment exploit information about the context of use, such as the location, tasks and preferences of the user, in order to adapt their behavior in response to changing operating environments and user requirements. Utilizing context with aid of ontology in data and model, decision support systems can provide better and(More)
A new class of high rate Fibonacci polynomial based error-correcting codes is introduced. For integers m; n; x &#x2265; 1, a square encoding matrix Q<sup>n</sup><inf>2m</inf>(x) of order 2m and the corresponding decoding matrix Q<sup>&#x2212;n</sup><inf>2m</inf>(x) are provided. It is shown that a higher code rate is obtained than with the original(More)
An ad hoc network is a collection of wireless mobile nodes dynamically forming a temporary network without the use of any existing network infrastructure or centralized administration. A number of routing protocols like dynamic source routing (DSR), ad hoc on-demand distance vector routing (AODV), destination-sequenced distance-vector (DSDV) and temporally(More)
Odontogenic fibromyxoma is a rare and locally-invasive benign neoplasm found exclusively in the jaws. It has the potential for extensive bony destruction and extension into the surrounding structures. In the presented case, radiographic and histological features as well as the treatment and follow-up of odontogenic fibromyxoma accompanying odontogenic cyst(More)