Mostafa Elmala

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This paper presents a complete base-band chain for WLAN applications in 1.4 V 90 nm CMOS. The chain consists of a 6/sup th/ order elliptic Gm-C 10/100 MHz filter and five VGA stages. The design is DC-offset free and uses optimized transconductance for linearity and low-voltage operation. Moreover, the integrators in the filter are compensated for losses(More)
A modified image-reject Weaver architecture is presented. The design automatically calibrates for phase and gain mismatches that limit the performance of image-reject receivers. On-line or off-line calibrations are possible without using any calibrating tone. An experimental CMOS prototype RF front-end operating at 1.8 GHz achieves an image rejection ratio(More)
This VGA is designed for a GSM subsampling receiver. It operates at an IF frequency of 246MHz. The VGA provides a 60dB digitally controlled gain range in 2dB steps. The VGA is implemented in a 0.35µm CMOS process. The current is 9mA@3V. The overall gain accuracy is less than 0.3dB. The noise figure at maximum gain is 8.7dB. The IIP3 is –4dBm at minimum gain.
An OFDM capable Doherty PA is implemented in 90 nm CMOS with integrated quadrature hybrid and impedance transformer. The two amplifiers are optimized to minimize AM-PM distortion. The PA achieves 25 dBm Psa, using 1.4 V supply with 24% PAE, and operates over 1 GHz of frequency range (from 4 GHz to 5 GHz). 3 dB to 6 dB back-off from P<sub>1dB</sub> is(More)
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