Mostafa El-Khamy

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In this paper, we present an iterative softdecision decoding algorithm for Reed-Solomon codes offering both complexity and performance advantages over previously known decoding algorithms. Our algorithm is a list decoding algorithm which combines two powerful soft decision decoding techniques which were previously regarded in the literature as competitive,(More)
In this paper, families of rate-compatible protograph-based LDPC codes that are suitable for incrementalredundancy hybrid ARQ applications are constructed. A systematic technique to construct low-rate base codes from a higher rate code is presented. The base codes are designed to be robust against erasures while having a good performance on error channels.(More)
A scheme for concatenating the recently invented polar codes with non-binary MDS codes, as Reed-Solomon codes, is considered. By concatenating binary polar codes with interleaved Reed-Solomon codes, we prove that the proposed concatenation scheme captures the capacity-achieving property of polar codes, while having a significantly better error-decay rate.(More)
Efficiently compressing 3D multi-view video, while maintaining a high quality of received 3D video, is very challenging. Error Concealment (EC) algorithms have the advantage of improving the received video quality without modifications in the transmission rate or in the encoder hardware or software. To improve the quality of reconstructed 3D multi-view(More)
In this paper, an average binary weight enumerator of Reed Solomon (RS) codes is derived assuming a binomial distribution of the bits in a non-zero symbol. Lower bounds on the average binary minimum distance are shown. The averaged binary image of the RS code is shown to be asymptotically good for sufficiently high rates. These results are used to bound the(More)
A closed form formula of the partition weight enumerator of maximum distance separable (MDS) codes is derived for an arbitrary number of partitions. Using this result, some properties of MDS codes are discussed. The results are extended for the average binary image of MDS codes in finite fields of characteristic two. As an application, we study the(More)
The product code of two Reed-Solomon codes can be regarded as an evaluation codes of bivariate polynomials, whose degrees in each variable are bounded. We propose to decode these codes with a generalization of the Guruswami-Sudan interpolation-based list decoding algorithm. A relative decoding radius of 1 − 6 √4R is found, where is the rate of the product(More)
A capacity-achieving scheme based on polar codes is proposed for reliable communication over multi-channels which can be directly applied to bit-interleaved coded modulation schemes. We start by reviewing the ground-breaking work of polar codes and then discuss our proposed scheme. Instead of encoding separately across the individual underlying channels,(More)
Femtocells are low power access points that can be deployed by the consumer indoors to alleviate cellular coverage problems, offload traffic from the cellular network and boost user data rates. To enable the widespread of femtocells coexisting with macrocells, smart interference management schemes are required. Interference management by frequency(More)